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How to Make Race Costume Noses

Two real concerns when doing costume noses: Will it survive a race? How annoying will it get?

I don't want to brag, but I'm sure I'm one of the world's leading experts in fake noses for footraces, and well on my way of getting a PhD in said field. Thanks to Disney's cartoon cornucopia of anthropomorphic animals as costume choices, I've done enough experiments to find the right fake nose.

Option 1: Waterproof Eyeliner

Probably the easiest and fuss-free way for black noses. You can just paint an oval or turn it up to 11 by drawing down between the nostrils for a more cutesy animal look. Waterproof eyeliner is lasting and very easy to wash off. When it dries, it kind of becomes a thin rubbery film on your skin and it comes off in big pieces. No staining at all. 



  • Mickey Mouse and the classic gang
  • Dalmatians, Lady, Tramp, Si & Am
  • Pooh
  • Bambi
  • Ewoks
  • Oh! Great for facial hair as well - Jafar, Hook


Option 2: Foam Sheet

So while planning for my White Rabbit costume, I realized that I needed to pull off a red nose. Waterproof eyeliner in kooky colors are hard to come by, and I wasn't going to get body/face paint just for a dab of nose. I ended up using a hardcore long-lasting lip color. Bad news: it stained my nose for two days. I looked like I just did a shitload of cocaine. In Disneyland, no less! So while working on my Piglet costume, I realized I needed not only a pink nose but something that had more volume to it to get the mini snout feel. I played around and came up with a trick using a small piece of craft foam sheet. I'd cut an oval, then a pie slice out. Foam sheets are so easy to work with that it's easy to trim and tweak to get the right shape. Then I connected the ends together with UGlu or any strong solid adhesive and stuck it onto my nose using eyelash glue. It stayed on like a boss. It survived 26 miles! Boss Piglet.