My Running Costumes

Hi, I'm Karen & I'm a crafty weirdo.

Hi. I'm Karen. I work in video games and host a trivia show.

"Hey you're weird. Why do you run in costumes?"

Well, because it's fun. I love the physical challenge of racing, and I love the creative challenge of engineering a running costume. It makes me smile, it makes my fellow runners smile, and it makes onlookers smile. 

I like to go all out - details, colors, proportion, patterns, accessories, etc. I like to strive for accuracy and originality but still be within the confines of a costume I can actually move in. 

"Doesn't that affect your time?"

Oh boy, yes. Wearing a costume usually costs me 10-40 minutes on my race times (Half PR - 2:06, Full PR - 4:45). But since most of the races I do actually dress up for are more fun and silly (runDisney, Bay to Breakers), it's really more for the experience.

My Dumb Personal "Rules"

  • Has to be related to the race (If it's a Disney race, I will only dress up as Disney-related characters: from movies, shows, the parks, Marvel, or Star Wars. I get irrationally ticked off when people dress up as DC superheroes or Dr. Seuss or Minions from Despicable me to Disney races. I know, I am well aware that I'm seem really uppity because of this. Hey, I like diving in with 100% commitment.)
  • No tutus, sparkly race skirts, or t-shirts that has kind of a costume printed on it. 
  • If the character has lights, then I have to make the costume light up as well.