My Running Costumes

Hi, I'm Karen & I'm a crafty weirdo.


My streak was broken and didn't get into the Nike Women's race lottery for this year, but you know, I run so many races, I might as well do some good with it. So I decided to run Nike Women's under a charity and raise some funds for cancer research! The cool people who have been donating get some weird prizes that I have in store. (You too, can donate here.)

A round of snaps for 
These cool cats not only donated money but they also wrote my next studio hit: 

"Karen, our emblazoned Asian persuasion racin' liaison, Is running for funding - so cunning! She's stunning. Her plot to trot is well wrought with thought So holler at this baller, call her with some dollars!"

PS. I reserve the right to work with Chingy. What happened to that guy?

And here is their reward, along with my deepest thanks.

I bet you never thought a cartoon pizza portrait is what's missing from your life.

And here's to fellow Team Pizza Racer Heather! Now baked into a pie of BBQ turkey sausage and garlicky deliciousness.